To All Current Xray Vision Users:

This letter is notifying you of changes that will be occurring with Apteryx Xray Vision (XV) effective June 1st, 2023.

Licensing Server Taken Offline

PlanetDDS, the parent company of Xray Vision, has decided to shut down the provisioning server for Xray Vision. This means that starting June 1st of this year, you will no longer be able to reset licenses, which is necessary anytime there is a change of hardware in your local system. The program will continue working after this date; however, if you replaced equipment or had any type of hardware failure that required a reinstallation of the operating system, you will not be able to recover XrayVision. In this scenario, you would need to switch to another imaging provider immediately—whether XV web or some other platform—and, in most cases, we estimate this process will likely take two weeks.

This decision has been made by the vendor, and DMA Tech Solutions has no control over this decision.

Your Options Moving Forward

There are several options that you and your office has moving forward to ensure that you are able to continue providing excellent and necessary care for your patients. These will be listed below along with the “benefits” and “drawbacks” of each scenario.

Option 1 – Migrate images and software to XrayVision for Web (XV Web)

  • Benefits
    • Since this software is also created by Apteryx, migration of images and image data will be very easy. Use of this software will not take a long time to learn since it is similar to Xray Vision.
    • XV Web is a cloud-based software, which means that your images and data are stored remotely. In the event of an office fire, flood, or other office-wide disaster, your images would still be protected and ready for use.
    • Apteryx (and by default XV Web) is a very open software when it comes to what sensors/equipment can integrate with the program. Other software will require you to buy specialized sensors/PAN machines to work properly.
  • Drawbacks
    • Depending on the number of capture stations, XV Web can cost anywhere from $189/month to $300/month.

Option 2 – Switch to another imaging software

  • Benefits
    • You may pay less per month than XV Web (depending on the software you go with)
  • Drawbacks
    • Most other imaging software requires you to purchase all new sensors and other equipment when you switch to their program. For example, Dexis Imaging will not allow you to use CareStream Imaging Sensors and vice versa. This imaging software can get quite expensive.
    • When switching to a new software, most companies charge a “conversion fee” to move images from your current database to another database.

Option 3 – Do nothing

  • Benefits
    • Continue to pay nothing per month.
  • Drawbacks
    • Images could be lost at any moment if hardware goes down.Conversions from XV to XV Web are currently scheduling for 2 weeks out. If your program crashes, you will likely have to scramble to switch to another platform which will take time and training.
    • Since the provisioning server will be taken offline effective June 1st, licenses for XV will not be able to be renewed. This means that you will not be able to get any new equipment for your office without the danger of losing your access to the XV software to view your imaging data.

In Summary

XV will be giving way to XV Web effective June 1st. We strongly recommend that you transition to XV Web as soon as possible to ensure that your practice will continue functioning effectively—with no hiccups or delays.

DMA Tech Solutions also has on-demand training available for any office that wishes to use it. The training can greatly facilitate a change to XV Web and make the transition easy.

Regardless of your decision (to move to XV Web OR to move to another imaging software), please contact DMA Tech Solutions. We can assist you with that process.