Data Backup and Business Continuity

Reliable, strategic solutions to help you resume optimal operations fast after any disaster


Survive any disaster without panic and chaos when you have reliable backups

A step-by-step plan from DMA

Today’s companies are dedicating their IT budget to premium hardware and software. But what many overlook is having a strategic, practical business continuity solution that will get them through any unforeseen disaster. Without effective preparations, a single fire or human error can destroy your entire database and send you into bankruptcy with legal fines.

DMA provides tailored, reliable Data Backup and Business Continuity solutions that have helped many SMBs avoid such a downfall. We’ll take a deep look at your risks, organizational structure, and routine operations, then implement robust, automated data backup and a clear-cut drill. This means that should the unexpected happen, you will get back to work fast with everything intact.

With DMA’s Data Backup and Business Continuity, you get:

Strategic protocol that effectively protects your data, people, and reputation

Automatic backups that not only save data, but also operational settings

Geo-redundant data storages for maximum security

Clear-cut plan with easy-to-follow steps for each team