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We Have Decades Of Experience At Your Disposal

We've been in the Dental Industry since the beginning and have expanded to include other medical clients as well since many technology requirements and compliance regulations are similar. The industry changes as quickly as the technology. We exist to bridge the gap and assist you along the way. Our entire team puts in the time to research available solutions, compare them, and narrow down some of the best options, which means our recommendations are already pre-vetted.

Managing digital records safely and effectively can be complex, but with DMA Tech Solutions as your technology partner you don't have to bear the full burden anymore. We help guide you and your office staff through best practices while identifying vulnerabilities as we come across them.

When considering what makes one practice more successful than others, technology is always near the top of the list. We have seen this personally from working with hundreds of practices. Those who see their technology as a great asset tend to reap a large reward. That is our goal for you as your technology partner:

Our services primarily happen under a comprehensive Managed Service Plan. This allows your practice to consolidate your support in a partner who has a more holistic view of your technology and how that relates to your business goals. We worry about your technology, so you don't have to.

Is your practice ready for the future?

We have experience in the setup and integration of hundreds of IT infrastructures, utilizing all major practice management and digital imaging software systems, such as:

  • Apteryx Xrayvision
  • Carestream Imaging
  • Dentrix
  • Dexis
  • Eaglesoft
  • Softdent
  • PracticeWorks
  • Practice Fusion
  • Open Dental
  • Patterson Imaging