Hardware As-A-Service

This is a program we put together specifically to address the technology needs of small businesses

Don't Let Old Equipment Slow You Down

The number one cause of down-time is holding onto computer equipment for too long. Generally speaking, your computer equipment should last you about three to four years. Some business owners try to stretch beyond this time frame because they think it is saving them money by holding out to upgrade. Unfortunately, you will likely end-up paying more because you can't do your job when the machine breaks.

Not only that, but older equipment generally has greater security vulnerabilities. For example, if any of your computers have unsupported operating systems you will no longer receive vital security updates. Not to mention compatibility issues within newer technology.

To give you an analogy, holding onto old computer equipment would be equivalent to one of your patients skipping regular preventative checkups because he/she thinks its cheaper to just wait until they have a medical emergency. Preventative care is often cheaper and more enjoyable than dealing with emergencies

Newer computers are always faster, more efficient, and safer than older ones.

On our Hardware-as-a-service program, you get new equipment which is automatically refreshed every few years for one predictable monthly fee that allows you to keep your cash in your business. 

Benefits of the Program:

  • Transform your network infrastructure into an operating expense.
  • Reduce the risk of hardware failure from older equipment.
  • Automatically qualify for an upgrade of the equipment after the service term expires.
  • No installation fees when upgrading equipment
  • Increased processing power of newer equipment.