Improve your healthcare practice’s efficiency, patient experience, and bottom line

With tailored IT solutions from DMA, Inc.

Today’s patients aren’t just expecting effective treatment, they also demand personalized care and fast, streamlined services from healthcare providers. But you can’t deliver any of that if your patient database can’t keep up with emerging cyberthreats, or your billing system is always malfunctioning.

DMA, Inc. can effectively resolve these problems and improve the overall efficiency and security of your healthcare technology, while also reducing your costs. We provide infrastructure management, HIPAA-specific data security solutions, medical software implementation, and more. With our hassle-free medical Managed IT services, you can deliver better patient experience and easily maintain compliance while also improving cost-effectiveness.

By partnering with DMA, your healthcare practice gets:

Secure, optimized IT infrastructure with solutions that
support your specific medical needs

All-round defense scheme that keeps your patient data
safe and you HIPAA-compliant

Effective awareness training that helps your healthcare
staff keep pace with the latest threats

Routine software updates and ongoing management for
maximum uptime


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