New Dental Technology Trends for 2022 - dentist shows x-ray on tablet

Innovations in oral health are undergoing surprising developments thanks to modern technology. From digital scans to virtual dental appointments, there are plenty of developments to consider bringing into your dental office within the next year—if not sooner. Here are some dental technology trends for 2022 that can improve patient and dentist experience.

Augmented Reality (AR)

Not quite the same as virtual reality, augmented reality takes an image or video of the real world and superimposes another image or video on top to “change” the reality you see on a screen. This has fascinating applications in aesthetic dentistry, such as showing a patient what their newly adjusted teeth will look like before they go through with the procedure. One such application is Janus Health AR which can help treatment adoption by showing the patients what their adjusted smile could look like. 


During the pandemic, at least 34% of dental providers considered telehealth solutions to stay in touch with their patients. Telehealth means using telecommunication devices, such as a tablet or smartphone, to connect with patients and assess them at a distance.

Of course, teledentistry can’t perform an extraction or deal with a filling, but it could take the place of face-to-face consultations, post-op checkups, or even diagnosis of some dental issues. Dental telehealth could mean the world to those with mobility issues or other limitations that make it hard to get to the dental office for regular appointments.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

AI isn’t as futuristic as you may think. AI and machine learning are aspects of technology that can process information and pick out patterns. That makes AI ideally placed to assess “at-risk” patients for various conditions or even identify cavities or jaw issues. Of course, a qualified dentist would always have the final say, but AI could help them reach those decisions faster. A type of AI is already used in certain patient communication software that may be in your practice now.

3D Printing

3D printing has exploded far beyond the realm of the hobbyist. The 3D printing market is set to double every three years, with a range of applications in healthcare. In dentistry, having an onsite 3D printer could allow dentists to create permanent crowns onsite, rather than waiting for them to be processed in a lab. This would greatly increase patient satisfaction and reduce the time between diagnosis and completion of treatment.  

The Importance of a Managed Services Provider

The best way to get the most out of new technology for your dental practice is to let a qualified managed service provider (MSP) take care of the heavy lifting—digitally speaking, of course. MSPs help dental practices manage their digital and connected products, with services including managed solutions for dental offices, remote monitoring, email encryption, and the important task of backing up all your practice’s data.

Maximize on Dental Technology Trends for 2022

DMA Tech Solutions offers proactive IT services for dental offices. We don’t wait until something breaks to fix it but instead maintain and monitor networks and connected devices. 

Our expert team understands the dental industry. When you partner with DMA Tech Solutions, you can rest assured knowing that your dental practice will leverage its current IT solutions and dental technology trends for 2022 for your organization’s benefit. Get in touch with us today!

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